Essential Maternity Dressing Tips

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Dressing when you are pregnant would obviously be somewhat hard because you would have to hold back on certain clothing choices. But you definitely don’t have to give up on it altogether. However there are certain points you might have to consider when dressing up during this period. Here are a few such dressing tips;


The time period you are going to remain pregnant is for definite and fixed nine months. Just for this fixed time period you don’t have to adjust your entire wardrobe. Of course you might need to gather a few nursing dresses or tops but other than that you would be able to fit into your usual clothing after you give birth. So don’t make the mistake of buying a whole load of new maternity clothing. Trying borrowing them from a friend who was also pregnant one time. Especially rich clothes for a party or gala should be rented out or borrowed rather than buying them brand new. After all once you give birth they might be too big for you and you might never wear them again!

Be open with choices

You could always buy maternity tank tops to suit and uplift your comfort during this time or you could borrow a couple t-shirts from your partner’s wardrobe! These clothes obviously would be more than big enough to suit your growing bump. You could also redo your old clothes and turn them into suitable clothes to be worn during this time. Reuse old skirts and turn them into tunic tops, turn old jeans into pants that are suitable to bear your growing bump. Use other styling hacks as well in a way where you could still keep using your old regular clothes instead of having to change the entire wardrobe.


This is another definite pregnancy dressing tip. Instead of letting go of your old t-shirts use them to layer and create style while also covering your growing bump. Wear a simple t-shirt and roll to the top of your bump. Cover the underneath with a belly band and wear a loose top on top. This layering style is also perfect for mix and matching thus giving the entire look a whole new flair.

Comfort and feet

Another important thing to be concerned of is comfort. This is comfort to the feet, bod and the entire overall look you are going with. It is said to avoid high heels during this pregnancy period, so you could fashion things up with cute little ballet flats or sandals. If you are however the kind to want heels and no other alternative, you could wear the chunky heels that have a bigger base rather than the six inch stilettoes that are obviously not very safe to be worn especially during this time period.

Consider the above and rock the maternity style throughout this nine month period!